Thursday, April 21, 2016

Funny how life goes on! I did two things to bring that to my mind. First, I went through my card basket with the list of people to whom I still send cards. Ummm, that person died. Take him off the list. Secondly, I decided to call my friend whose husband died recently. I picked up my phone, went to my contacts and wondered if I still had her under her husband's name or had I changed that. It was still in the “N” section so I decided to fix that. A few presses and bleeps later, the phone contact was under her name. Years past, when we had physical address books, I can remember scratching out names. Now I delete. Is it really that easy to take a person out of our lives? Sad, isn't it? Then I remembered, life goes on. I thank God that at least they will remain in my heart a very long time!
I have learned more but the truth is that life goes on.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Blog?

You know what is so great about blogging? You reach people that you would not otherwise reach! I cannot believe how many "visits" I have. And when I looked back on my blogs this morning, I had forgotten much of what happened. And although I have paper copies, called books, of all my projects, it was fun to just scroll and remember. If you have time, take a look. And guess what! I love comments!


I just finished a book in Picaboo, about our family time in CA. I am so grateful for my Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary! It seems my "story" always ends up rhyming and I know that the internet has many resources but, as you may know, I still love paper! Enjoy! And by the way, Picaboo has great specials!
Please, please, if any mistakes you see,
Keep them to yourselves--I've ordered it already! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Proverbs 31--She Must Have Been a Perfect Woman!

This morning I read Proverbs 31, as scheduled for me by Charles Swindoll. Marriage has taught him that he is neither all sufficient or totally self-sufficient. He needs his wife for support, insight, discernment, counsel, love, presence, and her efficiency. Not a crutch, but a companion and partner.
I then wondered what my Devotional Bible, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, had to say and found these “gem” words by Linda Dillow, from Creative Counterpart. I will summarize, with additions of my own, of course!
Not much is said about make-up or aging, and as far as clothes, they were nice. But, (always watch out for the “buts” and “therefores”) her inner qualities did show in her face and stature. That goes back to my view about if you smile, no one will care about your hair.
Now the biggie: The testimony of those who knew her best—her husband and kids. Plaques on the wall for all sorts of honors can't compare with praise from my family. Back when I antiqued with my girls and I saw those framed little wall adornments for mothers, I would read them in a sing-songy way, which led to receiving them as gifts from the girls. Of course, I saved favorites from the big 2009 sale, and enjoy them yet today. I also saved all my cards since I required my kids to write a personal note in them and find immense pleasure in reading them yet today (last photo).
Linda Dillow writes that as we look at this woman in Proverbs 31, at the praise given to her, and learn about her inward character, we should be encouraged to remember that she had grown children. Her inner qualities did not appear overnight but were hammered out in the trials of life as she trusted God and obeyed Him. The writer of Proverbs 31 ends with the key to her success. “A woman who fears God is truly charming and lovely.” A relationship with God is vital!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


This is the fourth book I have made using our photos with Scripture or song lyrics about growing and increasing in God. The other three are found in earlier posts. The first is Seeking Him, followed by Hide Me, Lord. The third is Found~Redeemed. Enjoy!
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Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Thursday, right? Let's throw back. And forth, as in forward. When Elise was in high school, she would agonize over her hair most mornings. My response always was, “If you smile, no one will care about your hair”. Another one of my theories was that if you had enough hanging on the walls, no one would see dust. Now that I am even wiser, I have added another belief. “If you smile AND wear enough jewelry, no one will notice your hair, nor your wrinkles.” I tried it out this past Sunday. It is definitely a truth. I got quite a few comments about the jewelry and none about my wrinkles. Nor my hair. In fact, I even smiled, which added to my wrinkles! Give it a try, gals!

I finished my little domino book using the verses from Psalm 23 and photos that Lyle and I have taken over the years.