Thursday, April 21, 2016

Funny how life goes on! I did two things to bring that to my mind. First, I went through my card basket with the list of people to whom I still send cards. Ummm, that person died. Take him off the list. Secondly, I decided to call my friend whose husband died recently. I picked up my phone, went to my contacts and wondered if I still had her under her husband's name or had I changed that. It was still in the “N” section so I decided to fix that. A few presses and bleeps later, the phone contact was under her name. Years past, when we had physical address books, I can remember scratching out names. Now I delete. Is it really that easy to take a person out of our lives? Sad, isn't it? Then I remembered, life goes on. I thank God that at least they will remain in my heart a very long time!
I have learned more but the truth is that life goes on.

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